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https://freephonesearch.com/ Reveals the name, city & state for most land line and wireless numbers in the U.S. Including:

  • Free Cellular Number Lookup
  • Free Prepaid Cell Number Lookup
  • Free Unlisted Number Search
  • Free Non-Published Number Lookup
  • Free Name from Phone
  • Free Phone Search

This is a FREE site that returns the name, city and state for most land line numbers, cell numbers, prepaid numbers, unlisted and non-pub listings.  The city and state are also displayed, however, the city and state is derived from the area code and prefix of the phone number – so some cellular numbers will display the name (which is correct), however, the city and state may not be as accurate.

When the name isn’t available or simply isn’t enough and you need the name PLUS current address – http://NameFromPhone.com/ offers the opportunity to upgrade our FREE search to our Premium Assisted Phone Search which yields the most accurate real-time results for name & complete current address from ANY land line or wireless number in the U.S. and Canada.

We suggest you start HERE and if the information is not available or you need more than a name, enter your email address andhttps://freephonesearch.com/ will email you the results and more details concerning the phone/cell number searched.  Deep discounts are also available by email for the phone searched.

This premium search is NOT database driven, it is completed by a real investigator;  Turnaround time for our premium assisted phone report is normally within hours same business day, 100% accuracy guaranteed, No Information – No Charge!

FreePhoneSearch.com – Premium Assisted Phone Search will ALWAYS yield the name & complete address PLUS https://freephonesearch.com/ options return the date the number was activated as well as all additional numbers on the number researched.

Example of the Premium Assisted Phone Search: