Locating Life Insurance Policies

This question comes-up quite often –

“Is there is a national database, or something like that, where you can determine if there is a life insurance policy for a deceased person”?


No such database exists!!


However – I did some research on who may be able to assist and found the following – I hope it helps!!


(1) http://www.mibsolutions.com/lost-life-insurance/ The $75 fee is required.


(2) Duvall Group Investigations can locate, Life Insurance, Business Insurance, Health Insurance, Auto Insurance, Life Term Insurance, Liability Insurance and Home Owners Insurance policies. They offer a 48 hour turnaround time. Ryan T. Duvall – Duvall Group Private Investigations – 1(800)681-0687 –www.duvallinvestigations.com – theduvallgroup@aol.com


(3) Paul D. Archibald in Midlothian, VA has a large database of companies and has a form type letter he has used very successfully (with the addition of the specifics you supply) to obtain this information. His phone number is (804) 594-2359 and his email address is: archibaldpaul@hotmail.com


I am not endorsing any of these people/companies, this is just some sources that was given to me from other investigators while I researched this topic. Good luck and please keep me posted on your success.


Author: PDJ Services, Inc.

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