Harassing Phone Calls


You know these harassing phone calls, they happen repeatedly during the day or night, mostly by “blocked” numbers.  The culprits are trying mask their identity by simply blocking their number or dialing *67 before they call you.  These people say strange things, sometimes they can be harmless, other times it may be threatening or maybe even sexual in nature.  Either way – You want them stopped!!  Better yet, you want to know who is behind these ominous calls.

Most people are not that smart and they simply think that by blocking their number or dialing *67 they are protecting their anonymity.  Some are smarter than that and use some kind of caller-id spoofing service or even the newly FREE google voice numbers to protect their true identity (both of which cannot be traced)

There is a solution to these blocked calls at www.HarassingCalls.com.  They can set-up your account to automatically unblock all blocked and *67 calls to your house or cell phone.  This is a service wherein you engage their services to identify ALL of your calls.  They unblock every call (even if intentionally blocked), this includes:


·       Cell /Wireless Numbers

·       Private Numbers

·       Payphones

·       Unlisted Numbers

·       Non-Published Numbers

·       Blocked Calls (Callers using *67)


www.HarassingCalls.com will identify all calls, even calls marked “Unavailable” or “Blocked” will be revealed. The service is completely transparent to the caller, meaning they have no idea you are capturing their number. This service can be set-up instantly by calling today at 1-800-298-1153 or ordering on-line at www.HarrassingCalls.com.  They offer short and long term programs.


This service is ideal for Identifying:


·       Harassing Callers

·       The “other person” in an affair

·       Stalkers

·       Kids’ friends, boyfriends/girlfriends

·       Those annoying hang-ups in the middle of the night


What You Need:


·       Call forwarding feature available for the number where you are receiving harassing calls.

·       Another phone, cellular, pager, or business line you would like your calls temporarily re-directed to (this way you don’t miss any important calls)


Order on-line or call 1-800-298-1153 Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm central time to get started. Once set-up, they will get EVERY number that calls you, regardless if the number is blocked or from a cellular number, payphone etc. Then, if you need one of our licensed investigators get the name & address from the number just order on-line HERE.


·       You Supply: The telephone number (Cellular or Land Line) where the harassing calls are calling & an alternate phone number you want us to redirect your calls to.

·       They Return: Reports on who called your number including the number that called with the date, time & duration of each call. You NEVER miss a call, all calls will be forwarded to the number you specify.


Take control of your phone, lose the anxiety when the phone rings, go to www.HarassingCalls.com TODAY and they can start tracking ALL the numbers that call you by number, date, time and duration of each call.  You can even use this log as part of your report to the police if the person is breaking the law.

Author: PDJ Services, Inc.

PDJ Services is a nationwide information brokerage service dedicated to searching and finding people in the US and Canada. Our staff has over 25 years experience in the investigative/people locate trade. PDJ Services is a proud member of national associations as well as many state wide associations.

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