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There are numerous reasons to try and locate a missing person – even the term “missing person” is filled with ambiguity. What exactly is meant by the term “missing person?” A missing person is any individual who has disappeared and whose whereabouts is unknown. A missing person can be a friend, a loved one, a child, a refugee or even a birth parent. When the decision is made to locate someone, it is relatively simple to use free sites to search for missing persons. While using a free site for this purpose, be sure to use a reliable and trustworthy source.

When beginning a search using free sites for missing persons, the first aspect to consider is the method of search. Secondly, the type of search can also affect the source of information. Looking for a former classmate is not likely to be accomplished on a website offering a refugee search. Depending on the type of search, different free websites will provide service. This is because databases of people are collected based on statistical information. For example, adoption records have a separate database than an ex-offender database.

Why so many different database options? Well, the organization collecting the information develops a database, and often, that database can be made available to the public for the purpose of locating missing people. Seems simple enough, right?

Sometimes, when you do a search for free sites for missing persons, the sites found will contain multiple databases; other times, the free site will be a pathfinder site only providing information about how to search and where to search without actually offering a database for searching. Knowing the difference can save time and heartache.

Are you searching for an active duty serviceperson? By visiting the United States Department of Defense, you can find free information for contacting any active duty serviceperson. When starting your search, have as much information about the active serviceperson on hand as possible including full name, last known military address, rank, service number, and even a Social Security number if possible. A written request may take up to 4 weeks to process.

Are you searching for a missing, abducted, or runaway child? Nothing can be more heartbreaking than the tragedy surrounding a missing, abducted, or runaway child. However, today more than ever before, there are an abundant number of organizations in place to aid the family member in this time of crisis.

The National Runaway Switchboard offers free resources for parents with runaway children, and each state usually has a runaway hotline. The website for Amber Alert and Missing Kin also provide vital information for family members searching for missing or abducted children. Finally, the FBA and US Department of State offer free resources on their website.

Are you searching for a birth parent or birth child? With adoption rates on the raise since the 1940s, more and more people are looking for their birth families. The internet has offered a prolific method for finding the information necessary. There are many online adoption registries among the free sites for missing persons offering vital information.

However, not all information is accurate at retrievable. Adding information to an online adoption registry site is completely optional on both parts; both parties have to be interested in locating one another. Actual birth records are sealed to protect both parties, and being found by birth parent or birth child is completely voluntary.

Are you searching for a lost love or classmate? There are many free sites for missing persons offering information on lost loves or classmates. These sites work on a voluntary basis, but not only the individual is capable of entering their information. Depending on who entered the information, the free site will have varying degrees of information. For example, finding the class of 1990 at John Tyler High School is easier if the only details expected include a name. Finding detailed information will vary from website to website.

Are you searching for a refugee or directly assisting a refugee reunite with family members? Suffering through a tragedy such as a natural disaster is made more difficult by the loss of family and/or friends. There are websites such as the Red Cross and the International Rescue Committee offering assistance in finding a loved one now considered a missing person. Such searches are free, and coordination of reunification is a main goal.

Are you searching for an estranged relative? A person may become voluntarily or involuntarily estranged from their family. The Social Security Administration offers to forward letters to estranged relatives if the matter is of great importance or life threatening such as serious illness or death in the immediate family. The Salvation Army operates a locator service internationally in hopes of reuniting family members’ especially young children looking for an absent parent. Finally, the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill offers assistance in locating mentally ill or homeless relatives.

Are you searching for genealogy purposes? There is literally a cornucopia of information available for those interested in genealogy. Some are free sites for missing persons, and some are paid sites for missing people. Still yet, others are personal sites for genealogy purposes. No matter how you decide to do your next genealogy search, verify the validity of the information because bad information is not worth the price no matter the cost.

When you decide to use free sites for missing persons, you are taking a step in finding the information you need without paying a shocking price. However, sometimes you get just what you pay for. Knowing the difference between a paid site and a free site for your searches is not as clear-cut as it should be. Unfortunately, many sites will populate a database with information just to have something to offer a customer. Other times, well meaning people will offer information they believe is correct, but in reality, is not the truth. When you need to find a missing person, remember to go with your gut-feeling – if something does not feel right, chances are good your gut is right on track.


Author: PDJ Services, Inc.

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