Don’t Put Up With Crappy Data

Sometimes when people look for people and assets they rely heavily on the available databases.  Please understand that these databases, while helpful, do not always yield the final result that you need to solve your case.  Where do you go now???

I want to be YOUR source for information!! Don’t confuse our data with competing databases such as TLO, IRB, Microbuilt, Tracers, and Locate Plus. We are the best source when your database leaves you right where you started. When you need 100% verified accurate information for unlisted phones, cellular phone, people locates, bank & employment locates… call on us!!

We take what you already know and personally work through the many resources we have developed for the past 15 years in business and return ONE result wrapped in a bow, guaranteed accurate that you can take directly to your client as gospel. We believe in accuracy and follow through. It is our ultimate goal to ensure our customer’s happiness by gaining their trust.

We encourage you to visit our two minute video about our services and what set’s us apart from the competition,


You may also visit our website and print a list of the many services we offer (  
If you don’t see something on our list that you need done, ask us – if we can’t do it we can direct you to the right person that can.


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Author: PDJ Services, Inc.

PDJ Services is a nationwide information brokerage service dedicated to searching and finding people in the US and Canada. Our staff has over 25 years experience in the investigative/people locate trade. PDJ Services is a proud member of national associations as well as many state wide associations.

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