Criminal Background Check Investigations

When conducting a Criminal Background Check many people request a “National Criminal Search” or a “Statewide Criminal Search”. Please understand that there is no “catchall” database where all criminal convictions are reported to, either, Nationally or Statewide. In fact even a Statewide Criminal Search may not yield the results you can trust.

Statewide Criminal Background Check

A Statewide Criminal Search only includes information from the repositories (a repository is a place where data is stored and maintained for future retrieval) that the counties report to. Not all counties report to one state repository!! The Statewide Search may be a good barometer; however, there is always a possibility that a county that may have a conviction(s) has not reported them to a statewide repository. The most thorough search, albeit cost prohibitive, is to perform a hand search for convictions in all counties in the desired state – this is not necessary or recommended.

Our recommendation is to run a preliminary report that returns the last reported addresses where the subject resided in the last 10 years. Then request a hand search from the counties (up to three if the subject moves around a lot) where the subject resided in.

Now, you can go online and pay an unlicensed website that doesn’t even have a phone number where you can talk to a real person for a National Criminal Search or a State Criminal Search and get database results that are not thorough or verified, or you can hire a licensed professional and get rock solid results that you can trust. I wouldn’t trust a database to watch my kids, work in my home, care for my ageing parents or handle my money! Remember you’re looking for peace of mind from information you trust – you will not get that from a database!

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